Criminal Record Sealing

LSC CORI Sealing Initiative 

For the one in three adults that have a criminal record, ordinary essentials such as finding a well-paying job, renting safe and affordable housing, getting a student loan, or purchasing a decent car can be all but impossible to obtain.

With the 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Act  and subsequent changes to the law accelerating and expanding sealing availability, the demand for Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) sealing in Massachusetts has increased.

Due to its convenient location next to the Stony Brook T Station, and its specialized projects serving domestic violence survivors, low-income students, the veteran community, and others, the Legal Services Center is uniquely positioned to leverage our existing resources to expand access to CORI Sealing and to respond directly to requests for this service from clients and community partners through our CORI Sealing services.

About CORI Sealing

Through LSC’s CORI Initiative, clients can receive free assistance in sealing their criminal records. In addition, there is information available here about starting the process yourself, and about additional resources and partnerships in our upcoming Community Fairs for Returning Citizens. 

Please see the self-help videos below for instructions on requesting and sealing your CORI.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone in need of CORI sealing assistance is welcome to participate if:

  • It has been 3 years since the last misdemeanor conviction; OR
  • 7 years since the last felony conviction.

While there is not a fee to obtain help with the CORI Sealing process, there is a $25 fee to access your CORI. If you receive food stamps, cash assistance, MassHealth, or another form of assistance from another public benefit program, you are eligible to waive the $25 fee.

How to Get Assistance with Sealing/Expunging Your Record

1) Call the Safety Net Project intake line at 617-390-2524 or email After speaking with you, we can provide the forms you will need in order to go through the record-sealing process and determine if we can provide you with representation.

2) Attend an upcoming workshop. Stay tuned for details.

3) If you would like to start the process of sealing your record yourself, below is a list of documents and information that can help.


New! A How-To Video on Sealing your CORI

Requesting Your CORI Online

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