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We provide multifaceted representation to domestic violence survivors in an effort to increase their personal safety through abuse prevention orders and other safety planning tools.  We also try to improve the financial security of individuals and families affected by domestic violence, by maximizing the financial resources of a custodial parent and his or her family.

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Clients are referred to the Clinic through its referral partners. There is no formal application process.


To be eligible for legal assistance from the Clinic, you must be referred by one of our partners.  Our client population is prioritized by domestic violence victims and survivors.

Commonly Asked Questions

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Team Overview

Marianna Yang joined the Legal Services Center in December 2019. Since 2002, Marianna has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in various fields including MassTorts (MDL) Litigation, litigation involving Class A railroad companies, and most recently, in Child Welfare and Domestic Relations litigation. She serves as a panel member in the CPCS Child and Family Law Division Trial Panel and the Appellate Panel. She is also a trained mediator and a member of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council.

Legal Disclaimer

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Contact Information

If you are part of the population that we serve and have questions about how to receive a referral from one of our referral partners, please call Marianna Yang at 617-390-2546 or email

Additional Resources

  • Domestic Violence SafeLink          1-877-785-2020 (24-hour hotline)
  • Jane Doe, Inc.                         
  • Futures Without Violence    

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