Bill Aims to Help Sellers of Foreclosure Homes

Max Weinstein, Clinical Instructor in the Predatory Lending Practice, is quoted in the July 30, 2014 Boston Globe article “Bill aims to help sellers of foreclosure home.”

From the article:

“A controversial bill aimed at helping homeowners who purchased foreclosed homes in recent years is winding through the state Legislature, and supporters hope it will pass before the session ends Thursday. It would reduce the amount of time people would have to challenge the legitimacy of a foreclosure and sue for the title from 20 years to about three…

‘Three years strikes me as a very short period of time,’ said Max Weinstein, who works at the Jamaica Plain-based Legal Services Center, a Harvard Law School group that helps low-income clients. Weinstein said he fears that lenders will just keep troubled homeowners in limbo for three years — easily done, given the amount of time it takes to work through the foreclosure process — until the time to sue for the title expires.

At that point, lenders can move to sell the property. ‘It’s a mess, it continues to be a mess,’ said Weinstein.”

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