LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic Files Amicus Brief Supporting Transgender Plaintiff Brutally Assaulted in Men’s Prison

The LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic filed an amicus brief signed by eight former high-ranking corrections officers in support of the plaintiff in Shorter v. United States, arguing that corrections officers must protect transgender prisoners and prisoners who have previously been victimized, given the high rates of abuse to which these groups are subject. The plaintiff is a transgender woman who had a history of being sexually victimized in prison. She is bringing a civil rights suit against various corrections staff for their failure to protect her in prison and to investigate her rape. The plaintiff is also making an Eighth Amendment claim that corrections officers’ decision to house her in an unlockable cell far from the officer’s station in a men’s prison constituted cruel and unusual punishment. Learn more about the work by students and lawyers on this effort.

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