Project on Predatory Student Lending Celebrates Five Years Fighting the For-Profit College Industry


In 2016, the Project launched a first of its kind legal fight against the predatory for-profit college industry and the harm they cause to students and communities.

During that time, the Project has grown to represent more than one million borrowers and its litigation has directly resulted in the cancellation of over $2 billion in fraudulent student debts.

When the Project began this work, the for-profit college industry was still growing and thriving, operating on government money and to the detriment of students. It faced little accountability for targeting people and communities of color, low-income people, veterans, and first-generation college students. The industry was making a fortune by promising the world and delivering debilitating debt. In many cases, it was difficult or impossible for cheated students to get any recourse—neither against predatory for-profit colleges nor against the federal government.

The Project’s landmark litigation – and our clients’ willingness to stand up for themselves and others in court – has in five years changed the landscape of how these schools operate and their ability to cheat students.

Read more about the Project’s work and impact.

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