Getting to Know LSC: the Family and Domestic Violence Law Clinic

Marianna Yang and Rebecca Greening, attorneys and clinical instructors in LSC’s Family and Domestic Violence Law Clinic, recently created an introductory video for first-year Harvard Law students about the clinic’s work and cases. Yang and Greening outline the clinic’s partnership with the Passageway Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which operates at health center sites around Boston and serves as a referral source for most of the Family Law and Domestic Violence Clinic’s cases. The clinic advocates on behalf low-income clients—many of whom are facing domestic violence—on issues related to restraining orders, divorce, and child support and custody, among others. Yang and Greening highlighted recent cases that are representative of the clinic’s work and shared how the clinic’s attorneys and students can use their legal skills to advocate for clients and help them navigate the often daunting and disorienting legal system. Greening also noted that the clinic is a great place for students to learn about what it really means to be a lawyer, saying, “It’s a really good opportunity to see how legal skills can be used in real-life situations to make a difference.”


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