NEW: Financial Assistance for Veterans

In this time of great economic uncertainty, financial assistance is available for eligible Massachusetts residents who have served in the military. Chapter 115 provides financial assistance to low-income veterans and their dependents, including survivors, across Massachusetts. Whether they need monthly assistance or one-time needs based funds, the Chapter 115 program can help veteran families with expenses like rent, utilities, medical bills, or other everyday bills. 

Veterans can find out if they’re eligible for this financial assistance by visiting the Massachusetts Veteran Benefit Calculator—an online, public resource for veterans and their families that can be accessed from a computer, phone, or tablet. It can be used by anyone on behalf of a veteran or a dependent of a veteran, and will help them learn if they may qualify for monthly, or one-time, financial assistance.

The Massachusetts Veterans Benefit Calculator is fast and easy to use.

  • Visit
  • Answer a series of questions to find out if you might be eligible
  • Get a list of the documents you need to apply for benefits, and contact information for the local Veterans Service Officer who can assist with your application

chapter 115 self-help guide
Click to read our Chapter 11 Self-Help Guide

These benefits also apply to eligible dependents of veterans, including survivors. Benefits can range from a few hundred dollars per month to over $1,000 per month. The benefits are administered by the Department of Veterans Services (DVS) and local municipalities’ Veterans’ Service Offices (VSO).

Veterans and their dependents can visit the online calculator, answer simple questions, and receive an immediate estimate of their potential eligibility for Chapter 115 benefits. If they are eligible, users can download a form with their answers to the tool’s screening questions and connect with their local VSO. In partnership with the state, the VSO will assist the veteran or dependent with their official application for Chapter 115 benefits and manage the process of accessing benefits should the applicant meet eligibility requirements.

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